Why buy your kids makeup kit? Girls love to pretend play, and there is no better toy allowing them to show their creativity than playing with makeup. Every little princess wants to be like her mommy. When they see you put on your makeup it won’t be long until they look at you with their big eyes and ask: “Mommy, can I play with your makeup and be beautiful as you?” This may happen sooner than you think, so choosing a quality kids makeup kit that is safe for kids to play with is very important.

There is nothing wrong with allowing little girls to play with their own makeup sets. Before you do so, just make sure that you know it’s safe for her skin.

It is just natural for little girls to want to explore and try to do things that they observe from grown-ups. Some girls prefer cooking with kitchen sets. Some enjoy swaddling and caring for baby dolls. And some enjoy putting makeup on themselves, on their mom or siblings, or even on their dolls.

So what to do? You can give her your makeup to play with, or you can buy her kids makeup kit.

What to buy: Usual makeup or Kids makeup Kit?

If you think this makeup play is just a one-time thing, you can borrow your girl your lipstick and eye shadow. Maybe some shade you don’t like so much and it won’t be missed.
Never give her some old makeup that was sitting in your drawer for a few years – it won’t be good for her skin! If you have any natural makeup that’s the best choice because children have very sensitive skin.
kids makeup kit

But if your daughter wants her own makeup so she can play with her sister, friends, or even a doll, then consider buying her Kids makeup kit.

Why buy your kids makeup kit?

  1. She will love it! it will be her own little beauty set and not just something she borrowed from her mom.
  2. Kids-friendly ingredients! Every kids makeup kit has to pass a series of quality tests. So it is safer and more suitable for their sensitive skin.
  3. It is fun to play with it! We are sure your girl will have the best time playing with her own kids makeup kit. She will be able to express her imagination and feel like a princess all the time.

Play with your girl and be a part of the adventure!

And what to do if your girl wants the real thing and she wants to wear it to school?  You need to explain to her that the real thing comes and it’s earned with time and maturity.
Kids makeup kit
Real devices need to be earned with time, experience, and maturity. While many kids may ask for the real thing, an opportunity to engage in a pretend experience may be enough for the time being. And it will help if you make her a part of your daily routine. Tell her to grab her kids makeup kit and join you in front of your mirror. Show her how to put on different types of makeup from her makeup kit.

Of course, at the end of the day or after the end of the game, tell her that it is always necessary to remove the makeup. Show her that you always carefully remove your makeup too. Learning through play is the best way to learn. And it also strengthens the bonds between you and your daughter.

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