5 things you need to know before buying kids cosmetics

Kids cosmetics can be a dilemma for most moms, when trying to figure out at what age is it ok to buy your little girl her own makeup set. They say that every little girl at some point wants to have her own makeup. Maybe she saw you in the morning when you were putting...

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Play makeup

Where can i buy quality kids play makeup? The kids play makeup market is flooded with cheap imports, most of which are a chemical soup of synthetic dyes, petrochemical-based ingredients and other harmful chemicals. The result is that some parents don’t know what to...

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Makeup kids

Makeup kids: Is it safe for my child? On the internet you can see a lively whether let your child use a makeup or not. You can see some very disturbing articles about skin problems children have when they use makeup. So if you ask yourself a question makeup kids yes...

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