Makeup kids: Is it safe for my child?

On the internet you can see a lively whether let your child use a makeup or not. You can see some very disturbing articles about skin problems children have when they use makeup. So if you ask yourself a question makeup kids yes or no, there is no easy answer.


Imagine the situation. Your daughter has been watching you for some time, how to apply makeup, and finally asks you if she can use makeup herself. You can say her she is too little for your makeup, because it’s for adults, but then her friend in kindergarten or school will tell her she got a special makeup kit just for kids for her birthday.

So what to do now, when she is still begging you she wants to play with makeup and be a princess.


So, is the makeup kids safe for them? As we said before there is no easy answer to that, but what we can say it can be if you buy the right one and not just the cheapest one.


Makeup kids: How do you know which one to buy?

So as we emphasized the most important thing when buying makeup for kids is quality. First you must check what you are buying don’t have any chemicals in it.

The skin absorbs 60% of the ingredients, but you certainly do not want to get these “wonderful” chemicals to you so you mast read the declaration before you start shopping. It will only take you a while, and your kids organism will certainly be very grateful.

Most children’s makeup is a cheap mix of petrochemical ingredients, artificial dyes, paraben-based preservatives and other harsh chemicals.

The best thing is to find some product that is natural and has natural ingredients in it. And make sure the makeup kids product you are buying wasn’t tested on animals.

So when you are buying your daughter her first kids makeup kit the price is the last thing you need to be worrying. Buy something that will work well on the sensitive children skin.


What is a must in box of makeup kids?

Each girl will want to imitate her mother, so it is important that her kids makeup kit is similar to that one you have.

Set must include everything children will desire in a play-based kid makeup set, such as a powder compact with mirror and puff, lip glosses with a rolling applicator, eyeshadows, trendy glitter pots, blush, and a variety of applicator brushes that fit inside.


Important when using makeup kids: When you get your daughter her own makeup kit to play with, make sure that she also knows how important is to clean it off very thoroughly after the game. Show her some best ways to take makeup off and make sure she does it after playing.


So you are still in dilemma whether to buy your daughter her own makeup kit or not. Just look at it this way. Your girl showed and interest in your daily routine, she wants to be like you and wants to experiment and try new things. You can’t blame her, can you? So just do your research and find a good and suitable product for your girl and let her enjoy playing.